Susan Boyle – Britain’s Got Talent

Posted on 16. Apr, 2009 by in Viral Video, Women

default Susan Boyle   Britains Got TalentFrom the very beginning you can see this coming. I mean, the way she dresses to the way she responds to the judges questions; another person seeking their 3 seconds of fame by acting like a fool. It’s still very worth your time.

Be honest, what do you think?

Embedding has been disabled by request (Spoon to the rescue)

edit: This video is #1 on Youtube most watched for 2009. The Man-Log brought it to you 4 days after it was first posted! 81+ (or 120+ according to Youtube Blog) million hits

This is Susan Boyle:

  • B

    I liked it. I am not that big into TV but she’s great and I can’t believe someone could get 15.9 million views on the internet since SATURDAY. Crazy business. She’s definitely worth watching.

  • spoon

    embedding disabled?! psh, give me something hard…

    ps- she’s a great singer